What is pretty?

 “Appearance can cast a spell on anyone, yet your interior can change the game”  

We live in a society that feeds us material and media surrounded on what may define what pretty is. How many times have we questioned our pretty? What does it means to us? For sure, questioning our appearance can wear and tear at our self-esteem and confidence levels.  But what if, and only if, we continue at this incredibly appealing way of self-care to the 10th power. 

For so long ... we were only shown images of those with pale skin, blue eyes, and model figures. Leaving many women/girls to believe in order to be beautiful we must fit in this catergory to win. I must say, the change in the media is slowly but surely progressing and the term pretty is being stretched to women of all hues, sizes, hair types. 

What a time to be alive, expressing ourselves shamelessly and embracing everything we have to offer. The thing that amazes me with this transition in media is how honest, authentic, and unapologetically open our generation of ladies are being. Touching the lives of each other with eloquence and empowerment. 

Wrapping up the year I was offered an opportunity to shoot for a project called: Pretty is, when the opportunity was offered by a friend of the family I knew something magical would come from this because it came from a woman who was making shit happen and getting things done. I had the pleasure of working side by side with my cousin and friend duh! Fire loves fire and creates more fire. 




So you ask what is pretty? Pretty is someone whose soul radiates through their personality, they carry such a light no one can dim, their inner pretty increases their exterior making her a force to be reckon with, you see every woman has the ability to be pretty and is in their own right. By definition it’s a physically appealing individual by my definition it is she who is unapologetic in owning her beauty but also, allowing her energy/spirit (which ever you prefer using) to take over her looks. To be pretty the power comes from within. 


As always with lots lots of love and bub,  



Blocking your blessings

Sometimes we get so excited about our next moves we tend to tell the world. Let me tell you a little secret, no one cares. Okay I take that back some people care, but you have to be careful who you share your dreams and goals with because everyone doesn’t want to see you win.  

Think about it, how many people have you spoke to about your dreams and may try to talk you out of it? Or even try to shrink your dreams to fit their reality? This generation of millennials have this thing of telling and showing everything we are doing right then and there. I’m guilty of it too such as dining out or events. 

What if we moved more in silence like lions waiting to pounce on their prey? Imagine how smooth things would be and maybe even workout. This even boils down to relationships, duh be proud of who you’re involved with but also keep things private. Sometimes less is best and even spicier. 

The less people know, the better. Why do I say this? Let’s be real, when you speak about your next moves sometimes they can flop when you constantly speak on it. Instead of just doing it. Whatever it is you’re doing share it with those who genuinely want to see you rise.

I’ve learned that along the way the more I speak on things, I sometimes sit on it. Until I can’t sit on the idea anymore and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  So let’s hit the ground running to our blessings and let the work show.

Protect your vision and dreams. 

As always with lots of love and bub, 





All about the books

When you can't afford to travel as often a good ol' book does the trick. This year I've been having my eyes on some books thats been popping up so frequently on Instagram and also, on my search for finding a bunch of used ones on Amazon to cut the cost. My dad always told me arm yourself with knowledge for that is the only thing you will carry with you. My love for literature began when I was younger but more so, Romeo and Juliet did it for me and Maya Angelou's poetry inspired me as a kid. 

I enjoy reading things that I can apply to every day life so my go to books are usually self help or inspiration. You'll catch me here and there reading history or things that take me out of my guilty pleasure zone. Keeping an open mind to material is key, but when you love something, you tend to read it from front to back and maybe even go back and re-read it if its that good. Since I don't watch tv often I try to treat books like stations. A good friend of mine shared this idea with me years ago and I've carried that with me since, thanks girl! 

If you don't have people giving you ideas on book ideas ... what is really good? seriously, I can't say how grateful I am for the friends and family who just send me pdf's randomly. You know how exciting it is to open up a fresh poetry book? It's like chocolate on a strawberry, AMAZING! or I'm just being dramatic. On a serious note, push your friends and family to read. You never know something they can gain based on your recommendation. 

Here's some books I've been eyeing and will be reading this year! 


Letters, to Women Like Me

Letters, to the Men I've Loved

 The Art of Letting Go

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide of Self-Mastery

Wild Embers

The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success



The book I'm currently carrying in my bag is :  You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

If you guys have any book suggestions feel free to share you favorites this year and maybe we can even do a challenge of how many we can take down this year. My goal is to read at least 12-15 books this year that's including poetry which is usually lighter material. Wish me luck! What's your reading goal this year? Is mine realistic? I'm going to try it out, I think I can do it just depends on the material I choose. 

As always with lots of love and bub,   xo  

As always with lots of love and bub, 


If I had a Million Dollars

Everyone is chasing something in life whether its love, money, relationships, dreams etc. How often do you have conversations or hear people discussing ways to make money? If you not chasing the bag then what are you chasing? Like many, I was one of those people who was simply focused on making money. Until I got to a point where I overworked myself in a place that wasn't offering any growth and honestly a fat paycheck was temporary down payment on my happiness. 

As of lately, I've been getting asked if you had all the money in the world or if you were a millionaire or if you had a million dollars what would you do? When the question was brought to me, I pondered on the thought for a minute because the question came to me during work, so I had to think on my toes but also, think of what I would do if that money surprisingly popped into my account.

If I had a million dollars I would

  • pay off my student loans 
  • pay for my siblings student loans and college tuition
  • buy a penthouse in New York 
  • buy a condo in Los Angeles 
  • buy a home in Puerto Rico 
  • open my own studio (salsa,yoga,meditation) 
  • give money to cancer, homeless, students charities etc. 
  • travel the world with my salsa shoes on, pen and pad in my hand and sneakers in my bag
  • place the remaining in a trust fund 

What would you do if you had a million dollars? jot it down whatever comes to your head. Leave out the things that aren't as important or is a given if hit the jackpot. I left out for ex. car, decor details for my places, materialistic things. This is all possible, so I challenge you guys to put your list into the universe and watch it manifest. 

To my hungry friends out here grinding and getting it in everyday,  a question like this can turn your hopeless nights into bigger visions and less dreams. 

As always with lots of love and bubbly,


Reclaiming your time pt 2

Being single comes with a bunch of random people coming out of the blue. That’s no surprise is it? It’s like an immediate alarm goes off when someone is no longer involved. However, since becoming single so much has came along with that. 

Ever been in place where you’re like I’m not interested in anyone but myself, my family and friends? Sometimes we think we have it all figured out. I know my behind always think I have control over most things and when I don’t not gonna lie I sometimes freak out. 

Since I could remember I was always in a relationship. As I’ve gotten older you begin to realize shit when did I have time for myself? Time to get to know me? What I like? What I want? What I love? When you begin to realize that even if you’re in a relationship sometimes you need space to figure you out. 

So now you claim your space of being single, you’re good looking, intelligent, funny, goal oriented .. etc etc then you get hit with questions like so you plan on hooking up in the meantime? Or you end up hooking up and realize that shit aint for you.  Then you get questions like so when you having kids? plan on getting married? You’re not too far from dirty thirty. 

This generation has so many options in just a download of an app that sometimes meeting people is literally only about sex. No mental stimulation, can’t even hold a conversation.  Even just being what you call friends with male/female that can’t even happen due to hidden agenda sometimes. The term “friend” or “best friend” gets used too frequently that  some have a hard time defining friends and fuck buddies. 

Perhaps, being single after all isn’t a crime now is it? You come into this world single unless you’re a twin. What is the harm in just being whole on your very own? Let me tell you something ... NOTHING. Refocus, reboot, reinvent, do the most for yourself. Not saying being involved is limiting .. but, if you’re not 100% where you want to be if it’s not adding to you it’s a distraction. 

Hi distraction, you are mighty fucking fine with all the qualities I may desire. Sometimes he/she appears when you least expect it and often at the wrong time. But hey, you gotta be right for you before you can get right with someone else. 

As always with lots of love and bub



Tinder love

It was my first Friday off in I don’t know how long. You know what that means full blown out girl time! Made it to happy hour an hour before it ends. After clearing our palettes with ice cold water and scoffing down bread and butter. We finally ordered our first round of drinks, Pino Grigio and Martini.

The ambiance was intimate and cozy. So we cheers to good health, success and a lifetime of happiness and great sex. We began discussing our Love lives and boom! I told my girlfriend  to download tinder and bumble. Those apps were recommended to me by a coworker, but I wasn’t into the idea of meeting people via a dating app.

By the time we were on round 2 of drinks and appetizers we were signed up and swiping. I figured I’d give the app a swirl since I convinced my girl to try this out with her hectic schedule. By the way you don’t have to download tinder or bumble for strictly “hooking up or dating” you have the option to click friend. 

I had so many things turning me against downloading these apps prior to my two glasses of wine courage. For one : I thought omg what if I see people I know, how embarrassing. Two : I knew I wasn’t looking for anything, I just wanted to see what all the hype was about and also, why is it so entertaining.  

Honestly it’s a game. A full blow game of numbers and pickiness. For me at least it was. Because I wish this app would say how many lefts you swipe versus your “matches”. What I like most about tinder candidates is the straight forwardness in terms of what people were seeking and that’s a beautiful thing. 

I would highly recommend dating apps for this reason you’re in control of whether things move  outside of the app. Meaning that person/people is just there in your chat on that dating site until otherwise. This was definitely created to help people into thinking outside of the box and also, assist with what you’re looking for? If you’re attracted to the same kind of guy/girl? I would also say, confidence boosting too. 

Even if you’re raised old skool, like I am. I believe in meeting people in person but, honestly was that girl who was super against dating apps. Can’t knock something until you try it. So there you have it guys my independent research of one week and 2 day trial with being the swipe left master and also bio reader. 

As always with lots of love and bubbly 


Winter blues

Since the New Year it’s been (-) degrees almost every day until this week, got a little taste of spring or what we would call a heat wave with the conditions we’ve been under in the NYC and NJ area. This after holidays weather has been so disrespectful, crisp air would smack some sense into you. 

Growing up in New York, there’s absolutely no smiles during the winter except for the holidays. For the most part it seems that’s the only time I’ve witnessed genuine happiness from strangers with the brutal winter on the rise. 

Let’s just say with this tease of spring, moods have been changing. Especially mine! You would think growing up in NY I would be acclimated to the seasons, absolutely not. For some odd reason I catch a slight case of amnesia every year. Is it just me? Tell me I’m not bugging. 

What are some ways you enjoy the winter? I find lighting candles, throwing on some 90’s r&b, a glass of wine, picking up my journal and spilling my heart out on paper is such a relief, reading a new book, finding new poetry, working out, going bowling, playing pool, trying new recipes out and most importantly trying to eat right but, also have some fun too. 

If you guys have any tips on how to make winter better send them my way! I’m always looking for new things to do/try during these cold months.  

As always with lots of love and bubbly 


New Year, Who dis?

Happy New Year Everyone! Now starting the new year can be both exciting and sometimes overwhelming due to a shit ton of things we would like to accomplish. I personally curated my own formula for this year. Do more in silence, reason being sometimes if you tell a bunch of people .. one you’ll either have them riding your coat tail and two you’ll actually get it done.  

When you have that bad ass list layed out sometimes can be overwhelming or it can be super motivating. For me, writing down what I would like to accomplish in monthly increments is more realistic to me. Now I can compile a list for the year and that can give me major anxiety if I don’t take action. Just looking at a laundry list of things sends me into WTF! mode. 

Last year, I experienced a lot of that based off of trying to tackle a bunch at one time. So this year I made the hard core decision to move at my own pace, my own time, and be proud even if it’s a baby step towards something greater.  

The greatest accomplishment is to never be stagnant whatever that may mean to you. Our personal goals and our perspective on how things should be sometimes don’t align, and that’s okay too. What I’m saying is this year, check those goals off but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to each one this year.  

To doing our best and living our best life! Happy 2018 


with lots of love and bubbly  




Stepping out of 2017


The show is finally closing! So many things to be grateful for and also, so many things to be proud of. You ever discredit yourself  and forget how much you’ve accomplished? Same sis. For some this year could’ve meant letting go, finding themselves, focusing on a passion, trying new things .. the list goes on. 

 This year has taught me that it’s okay to say NO .. without explaining myself, allowing others to step up and fall back, and it’s okay to ask for help. I’ve been a prideful individual for so long and this year was the first time I was okay with saying I need help.  What have you learned this year about yourself? Good or bad has it helped you level up? If, so in which area of your life? 

 Are you guilty of being Superman/superwoman? Are/were you afraid to ask for asssitance? When you realize there’s nothing wrong with asking or stepping back a bit you’ll feel a bit more free. I hope that everyone has taken away so many valuable lessons from 2017.  

 If 2017 didn’t teach me anything it taught me to be BRAVE even if that meant being scared. I would like to personally thank all my friends and family for holding me down this year. Most years I can hold everyone up, this year I needed the most loving. I appreciate and love each and everyone one of you guys! Losing someone is never easy, it teaches you to be Brave even while in pain.  

To the New Year .. I pray we all shed what needed to be shedded in 2017, anger , hurt, guilt, past, etc. May these last days of 2017 be filled with a sharper focus and heart ready to fulfill the next chapter.