Catch 27


While coming and going can be the most exhilarating feeling. Times have changed so much. I guess being out the dating game for quite some time, really makes some rusty af. Here’s the thing, things just fall into your lap sometimes ... I mean like literally and you have to look around like wtf. God did I ask for this? 

All of my life, I’ve been dealt cards as all of us has. Some I’ve played (give a chance) others I placed on the side faced down or completely tossed.  Sticking true to your guns and morals you can’t compare or light a candle to that. Somehow, the fun part of it all is the attraction with certain signs. 

If you don’t believe in zodiac get into it. I promise you’ll start to notice a pattern in behavior, I can’t make this shit up. And if you’re somewhat like me, you’ve either burned pages, torn pages, bent pages or completely ripped pages out. All in all part of your dating story. 

How many fairy tale stories have you read or watched? I can say I’ve watched countless amounts and kissed a few frogs. Is this real life? Why yes, darling. Even when you’re telling all your gals and even less than a hand full of genuine male friends .. I’m not looking, I’m focused on me. The deck gets shuffled and boom! Lesson or blessing? Perhaps both,  I cannot make this shit up. Am I thee only one? Highly doubt it. 

There comes a point where we all feel like I’m over this. Completely done. Leave me alone. Sounds good ... even tell yourself “I’m unavailable” when deep inside. You’re neither for or against, you just prefer for things to just flow. While letting things flow, feels like cold water rushing down you spine, complete bliss of whatever is happening .. with one small exception holding true to the things you value and will not tolerate.

I always believed this a woman who knows what she wants will never settle. She will roar out her thoughts and unless inebriated emotionally release her hidden mixed signals. Also, a woman with a career, grind mentality will not allow just “anyone” to enter her safe haven. It honestly amazes me how much I’ve learned and still learning from being single. 

Cheers to always being a vibe, knowing a vibe, and letting go vibes.

Always with lots of love and bubbly,