What is pretty?

 “Appearance can cast a spell on anyone, yet your interior can change the game”  

We live in a society that feeds us material and media surrounded on what may define what pretty is. How many times have we questioned our pretty? What does it means to us? For sure, questioning our appearance can wear and tear at our self-esteem and confidence levels.  But what if, and only if, we continue at this incredibly appealing way of self-care to the 10th power. 

For so long ... we were only shown images of those with pale skin, blue eyes, and model figures. Leaving many women/girls to believe in order to be beautiful we must fit in this catergory to win. I must say, the change in the media is slowly but surely progressing and the term pretty is being stretched to women of all hues, sizes, hair types. 

What a time to be alive, expressing ourselves shamelessly and embracing everything we have to offer. The thing that amazes me with this transition in media is how honest, authentic, and unapologetically open our generation of ladies are being. Touching the lives of each other with eloquence and empowerment. 

Wrapping up the year I was offered an opportunity to shoot for a project called: Pretty is, when the opportunity was offered by a friend of the family I knew something magical would come from this because it came from a woman who was making shit happen and getting things done. I had the pleasure of working side by side with my cousin and friend duh! Fire loves fire and creates more fire. 




So you ask what is pretty? Pretty is someone whose soul radiates through their personality, they carry such a light no one can dim, their inner pretty increases their exterior making her a force to be reckon with, you see every woman has the ability to be pretty and is in their own right. By definition it’s a physically appealing individual by my definition it is she who is unapologetic in owning her beauty but also, allowing her energy/spirit (which ever you prefer using) to take over her looks. To be pretty the power comes from within. 


As always with lots lots of love and bub,