If I had a Million Dollars

Everyone is chasing something in life whether its love, money, relationships, dreams etc. How often do you have conversations or hear people discussing ways to make money? If you not chasing the bag then what are you chasing? Like many, I was one of those people who was simply focused on making money. Until I got to a point where I overworked myself in a place that wasn't offering any growth and honestly a fat paycheck was temporary down payment on my happiness. 

As of lately, I've been getting asked if you had all the money in the world or if you were a millionaire or if you had a million dollars what would you do? When the question was brought to me, I pondered on the thought for a minute because the question came to me during work, so I had to think on my toes but also, think of what I would do if that money surprisingly popped into my account.

If I had a million dollars I would

  • pay off my student loans 
  • pay for my siblings student loans and college tuition
  • buy a penthouse in New York 
  • buy a condo in Los Angeles 
  • buy a home in Puerto Rico 
  • open my own studio (salsa,yoga,meditation) 
  • give money to cancer, homeless, students charities etc. 
  • travel the world with my salsa shoes on, pen and pad in my hand and sneakers in my bag
  • place the remaining in a trust fund 

What would you do if you had a million dollars? jot it down whatever comes to your head. Leave out the things that aren't as important or is a given if hit the jackpot. I left out for ex. car, decor details for my places, materialistic things. This is all possible, so I challenge you guys to put your list into the universe and watch it manifest. 

To my hungry friends out here grinding and getting it in everyday,  a question like this can turn your hopeless nights into bigger visions and less dreams. 

As always with lots of love and bubbly,