Blocking your blessings

Sometimes we get so excited about our next moves we tend to tell the world. Let me tell you a little secret, no one cares. Okay I take that back some people care, but you have to be careful who you share your dreams and goals with because everyone doesn’t want to see you win.  

Think about it, how many people have you spoke to about your dreams and may try to talk you out of it? Or even try to shrink your dreams to fit their reality? This generation of millennials have this thing of telling and showing everything we are doing right then and there. I’m guilty of it too such as dining out or events. 

What if we moved more in silence like lions waiting to pounce on their prey? Imagine how smooth things would be and maybe even workout. This even boils down to relationships, duh be proud of who you’re involved with but also keep things private. Sometimes less is best and even spicier. 

The less people know, the better. Why do I say this? Let’s be real, when you speak about your next moves sometimes they can flop when you constantly speak on it. Instead of just doing it. Whatever it is you’re doing share it with those who genuinely want to see you rise.

I’ve learned that along the way the more I speak on things, I sometimes sit on it. Until I can’t sit on the idea anymore and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  So let’s hit the ground running to our blessings and let the work show.

Protect your vision and dreams. 

As always with lots of love and bub,