Reclaiming your time pt 2

Being single comes with a bunch of random people coming out of the blue. That’s no surprise is it? It’s like an immediate alarm goes off when someone is no longer involved. However, since becoming single so much has came along with that. 

Ever been in place where you’re like I’m not interested in anyone but myself, my family and friends? Sometimes we think we have it all figured out. I know my behind always think I have control over most things and when I don’t not gonna lie I sometimes freak out. 

Since I could remember I was always in a relationship. As I’ve gotten older you begin to realize shit when did I have time for myself? Time to get to know me? What I like? What I want? What I love? When you begin to realize that even if you’re in a relationship sometimes you need space to figure you out. 

So now you claim your space of being single, you’re good looking, intelligent, funny, goal oriented .. etc etc then you get hit with questions like so you plan on hooking up in the meantime? Or you end up hooking up and realize that shit aint for you.  Then you get questions like so when you having kids? plan on getting married? You’re not too far from dirty thirty. 

This generation has so many options in just a download of an app that sometimes meeting people is literally only about sex. No mental stimulation, can’t even hold a conversation.  Even just being what you call friends with male/female that can’t even happen due to hidden agenda sometimes. The term “friend” or “best friend” gets used too frequently that  some have a hard time defining friends and fuck buddies. 

Perhaps, being single after all isn’t a crime now is it? You come into this world single unless you’re a twin. What is the harm in just being whole on your very own? Let me tell you something ... NOTHING. Refocus, reboot, reinvent, do the most for yourself. Not saying being involved is limiting .. but, if you’re not 100% where you want to be if it’s not adding to you it’s a distraction. 

Hi distraction, you are mighty fucking fine with all the qualities I may desire. Sometimes he/she appears when you least expect it and often at the wrong time. But hey, you gotta be right for you before you can get right with someone else. 

As always with lots of love and bub