New Year, Who dis?

Happy New Year Everyone! Now starting the new year can be both exciting and sometimes overwhelming due to a shit ton of things we would like to accomplish. I personally curated my own formula for this year. Do more in silence, reason being sometimes if you tell a bunch of people .. one you’ll either have them riding your coat tail and two you’ll actually get it done.  

When you have that bad ass list layed out sometimes can be overwhelming or it can be super motivating. For me, writing down what I would like to accomplish in monthly increments is more realistic to me. Now I can compile a list for the year and that can give me major anxiety if I don’t take action. Just looking at a laundry list of things sends me into WTF! mode. 

Last year, I experienced a lot of that based off of trying to tackle a bunch at one time. So this year I made the hard core decision to move at my own pace, my own time, and be proud even if it’s a baby step towards something greater.  

The greatest accomplishment is to never be stagnant whatever that may mean to you. Our personal goals and our perspective on how things should be sometimes don’t align, and that’s okay too. What I’m saying is this year, check those goals off but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to each one this year.  

To doing our best and living our best life! Happy 2018 


with lots of love and bubbly