Tinder love

It was my first Friday off in I don’t know how long. You know what that means full blown out girl time! Made it to happy hour an hour before it ends. After clearing our palettes with ice cold water and scoffing down bread and butter. We finally ordered our first round of drinks, Pino Grigio and Martini.

The ambiance was intimate and cozy. So we cheers to good health, success and a lifetime of happiness and great sex. We began discussing our Love lives and boom! I told my girlfriend  to download tinder and bumble. Those apps were recommended to me by a coworker, but I wasn’t into the idea of meeting people via a dating app.

By the time we were on round 2 of drinks and appetizers we were signed up and swiping. I figured I’d give the app a swirl since I convinced my girl to try this out with her hectic schedule. By the way you don’t have to download tinder or bumble for strictly “hooking up or dating” you have the option to click friend. 

I had so many things turning me against downloading these apps prior to my two glasses of wine courage. For one : I thought omg what if I see people I know, how embarrassing. Two : I knew I wasn’t looking for anything, I just wanted to see what all the hype was about and also, why is it so entertaining.  

Honestly it’s a game. A full blow game of numbers and pickiness. For me at least it was. Because I wish this app would say how many lefts you swipe versus your “matches”. What I like most about tinder candidates is the straight forwardness in terms of what people were seeking and that’s a beautiful thing. 

I would highly recommend dating apps for this reason you’re in control of whether things move  outside of the app. Meaning that person/people is just there in your chat on that dating site until otherwise. This was definitely created to help people into thinking outside of the box and also, assist with what you’re looking for? If you’re attracted to the same kind of guy/girl? I would also say, confidence boosting too. 

Even if you’re raised old skool, like I am. I believe in meeting people in person but, honestly was that girl who was super against dating apps. Can’t knock something until you try it. So there you have it guys my independent research of one week and 2 day trial with being the swipe left master and also bio reader. 

As always with lots of love and bubbly