Winter blues

Since the New Year it’s been (-) degrees almost every day until this week, got a little taste of spring or what we would call a heat wave with the conditions we’ve been under in the NYC and NJ area. This after holidays weather has been so disrespectful, crisp air would smack some sense into you. 

Growing up in New York, there’s absolutely no smiles during the winter except for the holidays. For the most part it seems that’s the only time I’ve witnessed genuine happiness from strangers with the brutal winter on the rise. 

Let’s just say with this tease of spring, moods have been changing. Especially mine! You would think growing up in NY I would be acclimated to the seasons, absolutely not. For some odd reason I catch a slight case of amnesia every year. Is it just me? Tell me I’m not bugging. 

What are some ways you enjoy the winter? I find lighting candles, throwing on some 90’s r&b, a glass of wine, picking up my journal and spilling my heart out on paper is such a relief, reading a new book, finding new poetry, working out, going bowling, playing pool, trying new recipes out and most importantly trying to eat right but, also have some fun too. 

If you guys have any tips on how to make winter better send them my way! I’m always looking for new things to do/try during these cold months.  

As always with lots of love and bubbly