Part 2 of NC

Ahhh! It's the peak of the day and I'm devouring my honey bunches of oats granola as I sit and reminisce about the beach house and the pool I lived in, literally. Beethoven plays in the back and I can't believe how fast time passes when you're having a bomb ass time. To the people who live in fast paced environments, going to the south is a nice way to slow down the pace a bit to recharge those batteries and also, very affordable may I add. 

Since the day I arrived in North Carolina, my goal was to learn how to float or swim, even if that meant very little, its definitely a step closer. With that in mind, I, not only had the noodle to assist me with my low key or maybe even high key fear of not touching the ground  but, my Aunt was the A1 instructor. 90's r&b/hip hop was playing in the back, if you follow me on Ig, I'm super annoying with creating a "movie scene" for EVERYTHING ha. Now, that I got that out the way, the music gave me a some confidence and little by little every day . . my mom, brother and I were slowly excelling in a sport we were not confident in. The closer we got to almost leaving the more determined I was to let go of the noodle and swim from the comfortable end to the deep end. 

Mid- week we were all fish in the pool. Feeling confident, trying to float without a noodle (fews sips of bubbly or maybe Rose) .. yeah still didn't happen for me. My mom on the other hand was about that life and was doing hand stands and flips? And I'm over here struggling to float without a noodle . . my brother TJ (birthday boy) was jumping in the pool and asking me if I was scared. As for myself, I smiled and said a little and then gained a bit of courage to let go of the noodle and swim to the deep end and back. I legit felt like I was Michael Phelps waiting for my trophy once I touched the deep end. Once I came up for air this feeling of accomplishment rushed through me, so excited and proud of myself. When have you had one of these moments in life? And how did it make you feel afterwards? Stepping out of our comfort is not always easy but, when you give yourself that .. I CAN DO IT pep talk. The doors will then, begin to start opening up. 

After, winning my trophy (in my head) my cousin and I went for a bike ride through Outer Banks. It was about 96/97 degrees and huuuuuuumid. Girl chat and excerise for me that's a double win! We rode through a bike trail which looked kind of creepy, I thought my cousin was trying to get us killed lol then, rode the bike lane and came across so many other bike riders, super friendly people saying hi to us from their balcony. While that may be normal to some, living in New York it's rare to come across people who are going to say hi just because your riding by. So, I would like to give a special thank you to the folks that crossed my path during my vacation with that lovely southern hospitality and the gent at Superwings who filled up our volleyball and water volleyball court (for free). What is the smallest act of kindness you received lately? And how did that act affect you? 

While the day is still young, I'm going to take full advantage of this sun before it becomes too humid out. As always, with lots of love and bubbly! Stay hydrated, cool and full of pushing through any fears.