The inside job

Piggy backing off of my previous post where I spilled my guts on in-securities. I spoke on the inside after the outside is taken care of . . . like what happens next? From my experience, the inside job requires a ton of work. Un-becoming, un-masking, becoming who you really are is sometimes a frightening thing. I know you're thinking impossible, when you finally let go of your EGO . . . and accept you for who you are . . . shit gets real. 

Now this may not be true for all, but I know the people I have come across during my turning point of 25. Everyone I met and know has changed immensely within that year. AGE, TIME, AND WHERE YOU THINK YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE. The real work begins when all these things come to mind. My advice for anyone who's becoming more authentic, finding their purpose, listening to their inner voice . . . don't allow society to tell you where you should be in life to affect how you move. 

AGE for so long the number game use to have me wrapped around it's finger. When I was a kid I couldn't wait to be a teen, once I hit teen I couldn't wait until I was able to be curfew free, once I was curfew free and legal to drink that got old real quick and then I began to miss being a kid again. I found myself coloring, doing puzzles and doing things that make me feel like a kid all over again. 

TIME will have you on your toes, or running away from the clock. Either way time is inevitable, something that no matter what we do, that second, minute or hour we will never get back. Your time is precious, value that shit. If you are off today, keep away from the clock. Do things on your own terms, call it ( insert your name) hour. Use your time(energy) wisely, in a way that when you clock out of work, you begin at home working on something for yourself. INVEST IN YOU, as much as you invest into your 9-5 (or whatever career path you're in). 

Where you're suppose to be?! So you planned out your life plan(waves hands been there). You said at 21, you'll be about done with college/university but, it didn't happen? BIG DEAL. If your heart is set on something such as a degree do it, but do it for you. Not for anyone else, or because your friends are doing it or because a family member has completed his/her degree before you. IT'S ALL GOOD. Your path is lit, just like theirs only difference is the timing when you will shine. 

So you finished college, job ready? No jobs in the field you worked on for four years to get? What should you do? If there isn't a job for you, create one. Yes, it's not easy but, after all working for yourself would be the greatest gift in life at some point right? or passing down a business? (Think about it) or your college career is done, you're in your field ... but, financially you're not where you want to be. You see all your friends on social media living their life, remember this people only show you what they want you to see. You will shine when it's your time, but if this season isn't yours applaud those in their season. 

So, with this inside job. Know that you are lit (meaning you're bomb AF, all thee above, and keep becoming who truly are) because in the end .. we were placed here to be the greatest versions of ourselves, leave that legacy, do dope shit and inspire others.


As always, with lots of love and bubbly.