Suns out, Buns out

All I've been needing from this summer was a vacation,  and here I am outside on the third floor of this beautiful beach house surrounded by endless amount of trees and sun beaming on my now mocha skin. There's nothing like vitamin D and great breeze to match. I didn't realize how long overdue this va-cay-tion has been for me, the last time I've made time to woosah outside of the state was almost 6 years ago. Since arriving to North Carolina there has been a certain sense of peace and relaxation within me. 

Slowing down my New York strut wasn't easy at all. I'm so use to looking at the time and the date but, these past couple of days has been what I've been missing. Sometimes the biggest treat you can give yourself is self-loving in a place you've never been. My family and I decided to do a road trip to NC because for one it was something we haven't done in so long and two the experience of being on the road and absorbing nature is so refreshing. 

Everyone needs a little slow down time, where you can reflect and put things into perspective or just to let loose ( let your hair down and do something to boost your confidence). I almost backed out of this trip just to work, when I finally came to my senses and made the decision it's okay to just go and play. Let me just say this is by far the best decision I made all summer long. What are somethings that you have been putting off due to other responsibilities? Do yourself a favor and go on that trip you've been putting off, sometimes all we really need is change of scenery. 

This trip for me so far has been challenging because I've been trying to learn how to swim. YES! I just said it SWIM. I love water but, always had this fear of my feet being off the ground, I would panic. The first time I experience a life changing event with water when I was around 5 or 6 my cousin and I went to Sesame Place and got on a ride that flowed down a river. Lord, and behold we flowing on the river and there's waterfalls every 2 or 3 feet. Let's just say my cousin and I, have been traumatized ever since then, we were pulling down my aunts shirt (boob flash) scratching the worker of the ride haha I can laugh now but, back then shit got real and I thought my life was over. 

I'm alive and currently rocking to some Badu - Next Lifetime. Vacationing is about putting your phone down, appreciating your surroundings and those who you're around. Times like this is when you begin to appreciate even the slightest of things. I've only been on vacation since Saturday but, spending time with my family away has been everything and more. Is there anything you've been afraid of that you haven't tried to face this year? If so what is it? As, always with lots of love and bubbly. Next blog post I will talk more about the last few days in NC.