Inside the Bubbly

Since moving back to New York, I've realized over time I've mastered the art of rushing things. While it feels sort of normal especially living in NYC. Over the past few years it has been more so like I've been running a race against time. Once I noticed my tendency of rushing things to happen (my way of course) it dawned on me, this is no fun. You're not living if you're constantly rushing to the next person,place or thing. Happiness lies within us.  A location, completing something isn't going to fill the void that is missing, we have to fill that void whatever it may be. 

I found myself pondering on something I was missing three years ago and I couldn't figure it out. Doing some soul searching is all it took, reading the word and listening to the word. Now, I would never place my beliefs on anyone but, I would definitely say hearing inspirational/ motivational podcasts or youtube is so uplifting. When it finally hit me like a ton of bricks, I have been comparing my journey with others. This is not easy to say but its the truth, for so long I had this idea of how things are suppose to be and when it didn't go my way and instead in god's way or the universe way, I would be in complete awe. 

I have been rerouted like a GPS system. Rushing to finishing that degree and then . . . heres the test (real life example : you've been readmitted to this school, all classes are filled. I, then, reach out to the chair of the department and heres the response I'm sorry the classes you need are at capacity) There's a certain feeling of accomplishing something your mind has been set on. Every time I was hit with something with this particular school, I would keep fighting because I want to finish this last year of college. 

A real life decision had to be made this summer as I'm going through this I want to share this piece of information. If you keep trying, pushing and something isn't working out. It is simply okay to think of plan b,c &d or just follow that voice within you. I kept seeking advice from friends and family for the longest on why isn't this school working out for me? Why is it that I'm basically at the finish line, yet crying and being dragged?( so dramatic, I know) When I heard a voice from within saying, if it doesn't work out this time just withdraw and follow your passion. 

All this time, I've been rushing to finish this degree to pursue my passion. Why didn't my ass practice mastering balance? I'm thankful for that wise whisper and the support of all my friends and family who have watched and heard me . . . rush . . . rush . . . rush . . . I can finally say I'm not in a rush, I want to enjoy the process. 

Since I've made more time for dancing and less time for rushing. Theres a sense of relaxation and bigger smile on my face. What is something you may be rushing to happen? Is something not working on your time? If so, as I was taught if you can't figure out the answer alone, together we can. 

Here's some things I've been doing this summer to maintain a healthy balance:

Yoga- 31 day revolution with Adrienne 

21 day meditation with Oprah & Deepak 


Make time to do something just for you  



Alexis F