Stepping out of 2017


The show is finally closing! So many things to be grateful for and also, so many things to be proud of. You ever discredit yourself  and forget how much you’ve accomplished? Same sis. For some this year could’ve meant letting go, finding themselves, focusing on a passion, trying new things .. the list goes on. 

 This year has taught me that it’s okay to say NO .. without explaining myself, allowing others to step up and fall back, and it’s okay to ask for help. I’ve been a prideful individual for so long and this year was the first time I was okay with saying I need help.  What have you learned this year about yourself? Good or bad has it helped you level up? If, so in which area of your life? 

 Are you guilty of being Superman/superwoman? Are/were you afraid to ask for asssitance? When you realize there’s nothing wrong with asking or stepping back a bit you’ll feel a bit more free. I hope that everyone has taken away so many valuable lessons from 2017.  

 If 2017 didn’t teach me anything it taught me to be BRAVE even if that meant being scared. I would like to personally thank all my friends and family for holding me down this year. Most years I can hold everyone up, this year I needed the most loving. I appreciate and love each and everyone one of you guys! Losing someone is never easy, it teaches you to be Brave even while in pain.  

To the New Year .. I pray we all shed what needed to be shedded in 2017, anger , hurt, guilt, past, etc. May these last days of 2017 be filled with a sharper focus and heart ready to fulfill the next chapter.