The Marathon

In March my father ran 26.6 miles in the rock and roll run in D.C. This man is 51 years old, from The Bronx. In preparation for this run, he was so focused he would run everyday and even got emotional on some of his trainings. Hailing all the way from the concrete he decided he wanted to challenge himself.

Every Tuesday, my father knew the deal, we would call each other and catch up on how our week was.  My dad usually confused his Tuesday and Thursday’s, so sometimes we would miss it. Just kidding. Every time I spoke to him, the energy he gave radiated through the phone. You could hear his growth and progress as an individual.

Whenever, we conversed it was always on a deeper level. Week by week, he would feed me information that left me in awe. His lessons were always on time.  During his time of training he met a fellow New Yorker from Harlem who had been in the game doing the run every year. One day my father and the guy ( who we call OG) met up and at some point the guy told my father, “ I may stop but keep going.” All along my father’s plan was to keep on going no matter how hard it got. Mentally, he knew he could finish, this journey was his. The race was not about who was beside him. It was a journey of his own. That he would complete on his own.

Life can get tough. You will be tested, there will be setbacks, frustration, and things not turning out the way we would’ve thought. You have to remember this, Gods plan is always perfect. Everything is scripted from the beginning to the end. Nothing is ever missed. Everything happens for a reason.

You have to keep on going with whatever you do in this lifetime. I hope you do it with love. Do it with passion or don’t do it at all. Go the extra the mile for yourself. Sometimes going the extra mile may seem like it is a lot but, it’s worth it. Your lane is designed for you. No one can take anything from you. What is meant for you will always be for you. So, keep going and don’t look back. When you reach even a small step, clap. Even I tend to forget to applaud myself. We are magic.

“Hard work plus patience = Dedication”  - Nipsey Hussle 


Give thanks

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! (sing that with me) it’s officially the season of pleasant attitudes and lots of giving. As we know if you’re from New York enjoy the warmth that will be radiating from people unless the train is super crowded.  

There has been so much going on in the world with atrocities affecting California from wildfires to shootings, car crashes during our first winter storm in November. Nothing is “EVER PROMISED TOMMOROW TODAY” as Ye would say, I quoted him even though I don’t agree with his stances on certain things however, that’s real talk. 

Let’s take time this season to uplift one another in all areas, it’s easy to gossip and pick out flaws. What if we used these last 5-6 weeks left of the year to use this giving season to realign how we respond to things with love. Fuck the bullshit, honestly donate ... donate ... donate. You’re old toys is someone new.  

If you don’t know where to donate your old goodies : Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Beacons Closet, Urban Jungle, L-train vintage. Some of the places listed above may select items based off business needs, you can never go wrong by finding old fits a new home. 

Lastly, be grateful. Say I love you, hug, kiss, spend quality time with those you love and most importantly listen. Listen to those around you during this season of giving, sometimes what people need more than anything else is a calming ear to listen. 


As always with love and bubbly,   


Catch 27


While coming and going can be the most exhilarating feeling. Times have changed so much. I guess being out the dating game for quite some time, really makes some rusty af. Here’s the thing, things just fall into your lap sometimes ... I mean like literally and you have to look around like wtf. God did I ask for this? 

All of my life, I’ve been dealt cards as all of us has. Some I’ve played (give a chance) others I placed on the side faced down or completely tossed.  Sticking true to your guns and morals you can’t compare or light a candle to that. Somehow, the fun part of it all is the attraction with certain signs. 

If you don’t believe in zodiac get into it. I promise you’ll start to notice a pattern in behavior, I can’t make this shit up. And if you’re somewhat like me, you’ve either burned pages, torn pages, bent pages or completely ripped pages out. All in all part of your dating story. 

How many fairy tale stories have you read or watched? I can say I’ve watched countless amounts and kissed a few frogs. Is this real life? Why yes, darling. Even when you’re telling all your gals and even less than a hand full of genuine male friends .. I’m not looking, I’m focused on me. The deck gets shuffled and boom! Lesson or blessing? Perhaps both,  I cannot make this shit up. Am I thee only one? Highly doubt it. 

There comes a point where we all feel like I’m over this. Completely done. Leave me alone. Sounds good ... even tell yourself “I’m unavailable” when deep inside. You’re neither for or against, you just prefer for things to just flow. While letting things flow, feels like cold water rushing down you spine, complete bliss of whatever is happening .. with one small exception holding true to the things you value and will not tolerate.

I always believed this a woman who knows what she wants will never settle. She will roar out her thoughts and unless inebriated emotionally release her hidden mixed signals. Also, a woman with a career, grind mentality will not allow just “anyone” to enter her safe haven. It honestly amazes me how much I’ve learned and still learning from being single. 

Cheers to always being a vibe, knowing a vibe, and letting go vibes.

Always with lots of love and bubbly,